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Come trovare italia50 e delegare su Yoroi: Digita Ita50


3 reasons to seize Cardano's opportunities and its cryptocurrency (ADA)


One of the most trusted teams in the blockchain ecosystem led by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum


Well defined until 2025 to achieve full recognition status as a decentralized, incorruptible and financial system


Provide the world with a social and financial operating system that will operate on the most decentralized network


Invest in Cardano today

The blockchain platform that has the mission to revolutionize the African financial system (and beyond)

The guide to opening your Yoroi wallet

and earn money by holding cardan cryptocurrencies


Our dream is to see Italy in 2050 as one of the most beautiful places to live and enjoy every inch of its beauty. This is why we donate 10% of the interest accrued through the stake pool to sustainable projects for the beautiful country.

What do they often ask us

Bitcoin and Ethereum They represent "gold" and "digital oil". They are two fundamental assets in which to invest in the crypto world. It is always good to differentiate your portfolio. Ada and Cardano represent an excellent crypto in which to invest in the long term to complement the first two.

Staking allows you to receive passive rewards simply by owning the Cardano Ada coin. This is a mechanism built on the “proof of stake” system. The proof of stake provides a validation of the blocks (contributing to the certification of the transactions) which chooses according to an algorithm the validators for each transaction (a sort of motorway toll booth that certifies the passage of a transaction). To be credible, these validators must hold a quantity of Ada in delegation that, in the eyes of the algorithm, defines them as reliable. Hence, to reward those who hold Ada on these stake pools of validators, there is a variable premium decided by the latter.

As soon as it is recognized as a Block validator, each Ada holder will receive 5.6% per year

Our goal is to bring value to the entire ecosystem
- To cardano, because we believe in the project
- To the sustainability initiative that we want to support
- To you who believe in Cardano's potential

This is why we are committed to creating exclusive and valuable content so that you can earn as an investor and seize all the opportunities that this blockchain platform can give.
For this we have created a telegram channel that you can access from here

Absolutely no. The Ada will remain in your digital wallet and will in no way be held by others. The staking delegation process takes place through the Cardano Yoroi and Daedalus digital wallets. Furthermore, once delegated, you can convert and withdraw them whenever you want. There is no constraint. Staking is a simple “Plus” to contribute to the functioning of the Cardano system