History teaches us that every technology, system and culture has a cycle. Some last decades, others many more. Or many less.
Today's financial system is at a major crossroads. Cracks are beginning to appear in its credibility to keep up with the evolution that society and technology are undergoing at an unprecedented pace. Will he be able to readjust? Or has his cycle come to an end?
The blockchain and cryptocurrencies have shown us how they can be a viable alternative, an approach that breaks away from individual
government policies. A model based on transparency, decentralisation and security.
Among the hundreds of blockchain projects in the Crypto world, Cardano's impressed us: its vision, its mission, its team. Its leader.

In the era of 'everything and now', the Cardano project was created to bring about a gradual but constant revolution, with a clear roadmap and objectives.
One of the prerequisites on which it relies to operate is the support of a worldwide network of operators who contribute to its block validation method (the so-called proof of stake, to make every transaction transparent and secure).
With the ITALIA2050 stake pool we decided to support the Cardano ecosystem, to do our part to help it grow and become a reference point in the future.
Among its values there are two important points that we share: 

1) Helping developing countries build a secure and democratic financial system.
2) Moving towards a more sustainable world



To repay the commitment to develop the ecosystem, Cardano rewards stake pool operators with a percentage of the amount of cryptomoney (ADAs) that we, as operators, host (without in any way holding them).

We are committed to devolve 10% of these revenues in projects that can take concrete care of our country
and are able to make a contribution to meeting the challenges of environmental sustainability that await us over the next 30 years.



Forever Bambù is an Italian project that combines a structured supply chain with care for the planet and local areas through the cultivation of Giant Bamboo. A material versatile, durable and sustainable used in the food and industrial sectors that can replacing plastic and many other polluting resources

Forever Bambù also offers an important response to the ongoing climate crisis: the giant bamboo forests have the ability to absorb 36 times more CO2 from the air than a conventional forest or woodland. The number is so high that this project is one of the most important in Italy.